Perhaps the most straightforward me ands of explaining who we are and why we are organized is to simply copy verbatim the purpose of the American Waco Club as written in the original Articles of Incorporation.

The Purpose of the Corporation shall be as follows:
A. To promote, encourage and enjoy the sport and hobby of owning and flying WACO airplanes without regard to the date of manufacture.
B. To promote and encourage quality restoration and safe operation of WACO airplanes.
C. To encourage and engage in the improvement and better understanding of WACO airplanes and the older science of aeronautics.
D. To foster closer fellowship among members through the exchange of knowledge of WACO airplanes and through the exchange of ideas of mutual interest.
E. To foster, promote, and engage in the study of WACO aviation history.
F. To provide a framework for and to encourage the establishment of regional chapters of the American Waco Club.