Tom Flock Award

In 2006, the world of WACOs lost a great friend and champion. Tom Flock was an award-winning restorer of WACO aircraft. Tom's craftsmanship and attention to detail were evident in every airplane he rebuilt. More importantly, Tom was a wonderful man. His willingness to help others was legendary and he had the respect of all his peers. The Tom Flock Award is presented to an aircraft restorer whose work reflects the high standard set by the late Tom Flock. This award is not given every year. It is presented only when an outstanding restorer is deemed to meet the goals of the award... to accomplish excellent restorations, to help other restorers, and to embody the spirit of the AWC.

In 2018 the award was presented to AWC Vice-President Paul Carmichael. His first UPF-7, N 20979, was built in August 1940. He purchased it from the late John Cournoyer and spent 6 years and 6,500 hours restoring it. This seminal work has been recognized at Oshkosh where in 2012 he and his then-partner John Northrup won the Bronze Lindy for Antique Custom Champion. Paul acquired his A&P in 2015 and his I/A in 2018. He is now restoring two more UPF-7s. He says the best part about owning a restor- ing these amazing airplanes is the people he has met: good friends and knowledgeable individuals who have helped and encouraged him along the way.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 12.56.30 PM
AWC President John Gerth presenting the Tom Flock Award to Paul Carmichael